Yuvajana Sakhyam

Yuvajana Sakhyam

In 1988, Yuvajanam of Chicago Marthoma Church embarked upon a new journey. The Yuvajanam of our church took initiative not only in prayer and worship but also attempted to broaden the horizons of their Christian spirits; guided with the motto of “Worship, Study, Witness and Service”.

“Home for Homeless” is our great vision which helped many people in Kerala to fulfill their dreams of having a secure place. With this mind, Sakhyam conducts Harvest festival every year. A few other noble ventures of this organization were in the field of feeding the less privileged, yearly blood drive, house visits, supporting the mission field, snehadaravu (Holy communion for sick and bedridden people) etc.

We still illuminate the lights lit by our predecessors from 1988 onwards and the responsibility lies on our shoulders to keep this noble tradition and also pass it on to the coming generation too.

Office bearers
President Rev. Shiby Varughese P.
Vice President Rev. George Varghese
Vice President Ms. Sunina Moncy Chacko
Secretary Mr. Pramod John
Joint Secretary Mr. Jomi Roshan Varghese
Treasurer Mr. Albin George
Committee Members Mr. Eipe C Varghese
Mr. Roy Thomas
Dr. Asha Eapen
Ms. Reena George
Ms. Jeny Steive
Mr. Santhosh George
Mr. Sabu Lahethu
Mr. Senu D. Philip
Mr. Alwin Abraham
Mr. Alvin Varghese
Auditor Ms. Shyla Varughese