Parish Mission

Parish Mission

The Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists’ Association is an official organization of Mar Thoma Church. It was started in 1924 by a group of believers who were interested in evangelistic and intercessory activities. It is the ministry of the laity in the church and the main object of the organization is to ‘Witness Christ’ in the community where we live. The motto and purpose of this organization are to reveal to the world that “Every Marthomite is a Missionary”. The vision of this association is to witness Jesus Christ in our day-to-day life. The branch of the Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelists Association at the parish level is known as “Parish Mission” and we want to stand loyal to the Great Command “You will be my witness.” Our Parish Mission is registered with Central office and follows the seven-point program in its activities which are Intercession, Bible study, Sharing of Gospel, House visit, Serve the sick and the needy, Conduct prayer meetings, Evangelization of people of other faiths and ideologies.

Local Activities

We meet at the church on every Sunday at 9:15 AM. to conduct Intercessory prayer and Bible study. We have combined prayer meetings on every second Saturdays at Church; combined Bible Study is conducted on all Wednesdays at 7 PM at homes in different parish prayer groups along with Sevika Sangham. We visit the sick and elderly members of the church at home, spend time and pray with them. As a part of our community activity and neighborhood ministry, we provide Thanksgiving lunch/dinner to the needy people of the neighborhood. For Christmas, we serve breakfast and distribute gifts to the poor and needy people in Chicago. We also conduct evening prayer meetings in Church during the Great Lent period.

Mission work in India

  • Sangareddy Mission Field & One Day Income: Parish Mission adopted this new Mission Field including St. Johns Mar Thoma Mission School, which was endorsed by Chennai-Bangalore Diocesan Episcopa, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Thirumeni. During the year, the Parish Mission has decided to support this Mission Field and the school for the next three years with our One Day Income donations. This Mission Field has one Missionary Achen, two Evangelists, and three Congregations with more than 100 believers. The Mission School has 194 students and 15 teaching and non-teaching staff. Sincere thanks to all Parishioners who are praying and supporting this new Mission Field.
  • Medical Aid: The offertory received during Lent Prayer Meetings are set apart for Medical Aid applications from Kerala.


President Rev. Aby M. Thomas Tharakan
Vice President Rev. Biju Y
Vice President Mr. Mathai P Easo
Secretary Mr. Yesudasan P George
Trustee Mr. Abraham Philip
Midwest Regional
Mr. Biju Jacob
Committee Members Mr. Daniel C Varghese
  Mr. Roy Thomas
  Mr. Abraham K Abraham
  Mr. Santhosh V George
  Dr. Joe M George
  Ms. Susamma Iype
  Ms. Elizabeth Abraham
  Ms. Jincy Jacob
  Ms. Susan Samuel
Auditor (Not a committee member) Ms. Sherly Daniel