Sunday School

Sunday School

“Come to Jesus….Bring every child to Jesus”

Chicago Mar Thoma Church Sunday School operates under the guidelines of Mar Thoma Diocese of North America and Europe, and is affiliated with the Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam.The CMTC Sunday school teachers are committed in working with parents to teach children to know, follow and share Jesus.

Sunday school starts with Fellowship every Sunday morning at 8:50AM and is followed by Bible-based classes for children from Nursery through 12th Grade. The children explore the Bible and study how they can apply it to their lives every day. The teachers strive to provide a creative environment for the children. The curriculum also focuses on the history of the Mar Thoma Church and the meaning behind the rituals we practice today. We are presently blessed with 200 students and 59 teachers.

It is only through the sincere effort, dedication and continued prayers of our students, teachers, parents and the rest of the CMTC community that we can continue to help every child experience Jesus in their lives.

The major purpose of the Sunday school is to help boys and girls study God’s word, the Bible, and apply its life-guiding principles.

Office Bearers

President Rev. Shiby Varughese P.
Vice President Rev. George Varghese
Superintendent Ms. Lalu Thomas
Secretary Ms. Reba Varghese
Treasurer Mr. Alwin Abraham
Teacher Representatives
Nursery – Grade 2
Dr. Jomy Joji
Grade 2 – 4 Mr. Rubin Varghese
Grade 5 – 8 Mr. Eipe C Varghese
Grade 8 – 12 Ms. Lexine Varughis
Regional Representative Ms. Bindhu Varghese
Non Committee Members
Internal Auditor Mr. Jinoj Mathew
Elevate Mentor Ms. Leah Varughis
Elevate Mentor Mr. Teji Thomas


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