“Come let us sing for joy to the Lord: let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” Psalm 95:1

The Chicago Mar Thoma Church Choir is instrumental in leading the church in praise and worship and supports the Area Prayer Groups. CMTC is blessed to have the service of three units of Choir the Junior Choir of Little Children, the English Choir, and the Malayalam Choir. Being more than four decades old, this Choir has a historical stature in the North American Diocese. CMTC Choir has touched and continues to impact spiritually the lives around through the music ministry.

The Choir meets twice a month and for special occasions many times as needed for practice, in order to provide liturgy and hymns leadership for Holy Communion every Sunday and for various sacraments, and services. The dedication, selfless service, and musical passion of our Parish Choir is exemplary. It is indeed with pride we note that a few founding members serve regularly in the CMTC Choir. It is our prayer that; we shall be used for His glory through the music ministry.

CMTC Choir maintains its affiliation to the Department of Sacred Music and Communication (DSMC) via valid renewable yearly registration.

Office Bearers

President Rev. Aby M. Thomas Tharakan
Vice President Rev. Biju Y
Secretary Mr. Johnson Thomas
Treasurer Ms. Sarah George
Malayalam Choir Leader Mr. Leboy W. Thoppil
Malayalam Choir Co-Leader Ms. Neethu Mathew
English Choir Leader Mr. Kevin Jacob
English Choir Co-Leader Ms. Leanne Thoppil
Junior Choir Leader Ms. Lovely Varghese
Internal Auditor
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