Chicago Mar Thoma Church is very sensitive to the needs of the community and participated in various outreach programs through the subcommittee of neighborhood mission. Our neighborhood mission activities include food drive through Catholic Charities and Food pantry of Des Plaines. In December, the neighborhood mission committee collaborated with the Salvation Army for the Angel. Tree project. Chicago Mar Thoma church also supports native American Mission, Mexico Mission, and India Mission.
Any Donation should be submitted to the trustees at their office or put in the Donation Box outside the trustee’s office. it would be helpful if you did put your CMTC Account Number on the cheque or envelopes for better tracking process.

Setting up Bill Pay

1. Go to Bill Pay.
2. Manually add “Chicago Mar Thoma Church” as payee.
3. In the Account Number field fill in your Parish Account Number.
4. Once set-up, write in memo the caus.e (e.g. Subscription, Medical Help, etc.)

Thanks to all the families who have taken time to set-up Bill Pay and initiated the same for Subscription and more.

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