Vicar’s Message

Vicar’s Message

Rev. Shiby Varughese P.

Dearly beloved in Christ,

As parish we are entering into the time of advent, the liturgical time of Christmas to meditate upon the birth of Jesus. We have experienced the unprecedented and overwhelming time with fears, frustrations and fatigue. It was not easy to undergo such experiences both in our personal, family and social life. We have to practice social distancing for our safety even though it was so heartbreaking. We lost almost all face to face conversations and interaction particularly in our worshiping place. But this was the time we had more conversation with our Lord in prayer and hearing of the word of God. Let’s face the pandemic with courage and compassion without surrendering to the conditions that destroy life.

Jesus the son of God came into the world as the Savior; the son of Joseph and Mary. The prophecies foretold about Jesus was fulfilled when Jesus was born as son of Virgin who lived in fringes of Palestinian world. The Jesus of history was a child of a Jewish family living under a foreign regime. Jesus had to face all the devastating conditions which a poor child had to face in his lifetime. Jesus’ ministry of proclamation of truth of God, preaching on the Kingdom of God, healing of the sick and unending love to the sinners opened the new way of life of salvation and eternity.

In Jesus’ birth the Word became Flesh and Dwelt among us. Jesus didn’t condescend to a human form to show that He had the power to perform such a feat. God’s actions in Jesus always have redemptive purposes within it. The arrival of Jesus in human form was a redemptive phase of God’s plan of saving the whole creation. The birth of Jesus reveals the true nature of God. In the birth of Jesus, we have God revealed in a more perfect and glorious manner than any previous revelation. The birth of Jesus must bring an awareness of our true Christ nature. What Jesus brought to us was a spark of new light, new possibility—a light that shines through the darkness of human confusion and illuminates the spiritual truth of who we are.

Christmas is a celebration of God becoming human as a gift of love. To enjoy adorable, albeit a-historical, nativity plays, and all the other wonders of the season is one way of delighting in this gift. The Christ is the Light and Love of God, present in each of us. It is our true spiritual identity, the creative Power of God seeking to express through us. It is therefore, as eternal as God-it can’t be born.

We are at the threshold of another “New Year” which gives us breath of hope and dream of a bright future. Christian hope is always filled with joy and happiness ordained by God destined for every human. Hope demands creative responsibility and service from faith community. Future of humanity is under the divine providence that cannot be shattered and destroyed by invisible virus. Faith in God of future is the foundation of our hope. The celebration of Christmas and New Year demands us to be more hopeful and hospitable to the people suffering under the threats of pandemic.

Earnest Prayers
Shiby Achen