Vicar’s Message

Vicar’s Message

Rev. Shiby Varughese P.

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Praise God for bringing us all to the last month of 2019, to CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR

Let’s once again comprehend and unravel the Mystery of Salvation happened in history through God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ. Christmas is a celebration of God becoming human as a gift of love.

The birth of Christ may be the most famous Bible story of all, reprised annually in nativity scenes across the world each Christmas. On strict reading of New Testament that it is evident that Jesus was not, in fact, born in a stable as we were taught and told. The actual design of Palestinian homes makes sense of the whole story. Most families would live in a single-room house, with a lower compartment for animals to be brought in at night, and either a room at the back for visitors, or space on the roof. The family living area would usually have hollows in the ground, filled with straw, in the living area, where the animals would feed. So Jesus would not have been born in a detached stable, but in the lower floor of a peasant house, where the animals were kept.

Jesus birth becomes remarkable that he was born to humble, outcast parents. The extraordinary about the birth of Jesus is that it shows God shifting from the divine to the human. The descent was from a respected human to a disrespected human. The virgin conception and birth in Bethlehem does not mark the beginning of the Son of God. Rather, it marks the eternal Son entering physically into our world and becoming one of us. The Jesus of history was a child of a Jewish family living under a foreign regime. Jesus’ family fled from a king who sought to kill him because he posed a political threat. The Jesus story, in its historical context, is one of human terror and divine mercy, of human abuse and divine love. It is a story that claims God became human in the form of one who is vulnerable, poor and displaced in order to unveil the injustice of tyrannical power.

The incarnation of Jesus does not save by itself, but it is an essential link in God’s plan of redemption. The incarnation displays the greatness of God. Our God is the eternal God who was born in a peasants stable, not a distant, withdrawn God; our God is a humble, giving God, not a selfish, grabbing God; our God is a purposeful, planning God, not a random, reactionary God; our God is a God who is not far us and our God is a God who redeems us by his life, not a God who leaves us in our sin. The prophets proclaimed the God as Immanuel, God with us. It is also Imma-nuel; human with God. Our God is great indeed!

May the Lord Almighty enable and empower each one of us to worship the Son of God, Son of Man, who experiences our vulnerability, suffering, struggles, and tranquility.


In His Service
Shiby Achen