Asst Vicar’s Message

Asst Vicar’s Message

Rev. George Varghese

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To join a job, you need certain qualifications. There is a qualification for becoming an engineer. There is a specific qualification to practice as a doctor. There is a qualification for casting vote. If so, are we qualified enough to stand before the Throne of Grace?

A son was born to the parents who were longing to have a child for many years. As days passed, he grew up and he joined the army and became a General. During a war, one of his soldier was besieged by the enemies. This General went straight into the enemies’ camp and delivered his soldier. But he was shot by the enemies and died on the spot, but the soldier escaped. When the parents came to know of the demise of their only son, they were very much grieved. On the day of his first death anniversary, they decided to adopt the soldier as their son. A great function had been arranged and the soldier was invited.

But the soldier came fully drunk. He never addressed them as ‘mother’ or ‘father’. In his drunkenness he took the photo of the General who saved his life, threw it on the ground and vomited on the photo. The parents could not bear their son being dishonored. They said to him, “We wished to adopt you as our son in the place of our only son who gave his life for you. But you are not worthy to be our son. So, get out of this house”. This soldier shows ingratitude towards his General. Are we like this soldier?

If so, we will also be treated like the ‘unworthy servant who was thrown outside into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ One day when we stand before the Throne, the Lord will say, ‘Is it for you My Son gave His life? You are not worthy for His sacrificial love’. If we look at the Bible, God called many people to have fellowship with Him. But only a few were worthy of His call.

If we stand before the Lord in this world, we will be seen worthy to stand before Him in eternal kingdom. As the world is facing the pandemic Covid-19, we realize that everything in this world is uncertain, but our God and His promises are certain. So, let us seek God’s mercy to live with hope and pray that may God heal the whole world. Let us consecrate ourselves that we may be seen worthy at His second coming and enter into His eternal kingdom. God bless you.

In His Service,
Binu Achen