Vicar’s Message

Vicar’s Message

Rev. Shiby Varughese P.

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Praise God for we can breathe, and we are alive. After few months we were able to begin in-person worship service. The sanctuary is alive with praise, prayers, songs, Kyrie-Eleison and Amen. Let’s thanks God for hearing our prayers.

We are now living in ‘New Normal’ not anticipated or dictated by any human systems. ‘New Normal’ is the normalizing of life in the midst of crisis in which the crisis and the post-crisis experiences determine our habits and social living. ‘New Normal’ is the positive desire to survive in a crisis and to defeat the overwhelming problems that can rule human life. It gives us great hope and enthusiasm as we survive through the greatest crisis of humankind.

All assumptions and imaginations so far comprehended seems to be limited in handling the fears and fatigue that Covid-19 has created. Faith affirmations or theological propositions and scientific knowledge is informed complementary in dealing the issues. Scientific knowledge once considered to be opposite to religious knowledge is now making the path for the humanity to survive. The practices of faith is preparing the community to overcome the fear and internally strengthening the people to move with hope.

Jesus Christ preached the ‘Kingdom of God’ not taught by any religious, social and political leaders in human history. Those who listened Jesus never understood the meaning of His words. Kingdom of God was the ‘new normal’ that struck the foundations of Roman Empire. Roman rule isolated the weak and vulnerable from the public sphere of life. But Jesus organized the disenfranchised and made the Kingdom of God a social reality of life.

As the gospel proclaims the first thing that people experienced about Jesus was the healing power of the divine spirit. The people who journeyed close with Jesus was sick people not sinners as dictated by the exclusive political and religious regimes of those days. The healing ‘touch’ of Jesus conveyed to them the new belongingness into the Kingdom of God. The touch with tendered compassion and consolation empowered the sick to reimagine their healing. The presence of the Kingdom is the experience of healing of the indwelling Spirit. The future of the experience of the Spirit is the Kingdom of God. So also is the “Coming Kingdom of God” make us alive to confront the spirits of isolations.

Jesus’ promise of the Kingdom of God to the poor, brought the rights of God to the people without rights and to the unjust ones with new hope and aspirations. The ‘Coming Kingdom’ professes the justice and righteousness of God which corrects the false practices of religion and church. Coming Kingdom is not just an extension of our way of doing spirituality, but it is the community to which we all are invited by the Crucified Jesus. The powerlessness of humanity is embodied on the Cross and Crucified Jesus transforms the powerlessness into potentiality of human. Kingdom of God as the ‘Coming Kingdom’ transforms and heals every moments of our lives with future and not with fear.

The daily practices of our worship, prayer, preaching, teaching, healing and sharing of the resources is the continuation of the praxis of Jesus’ Kingdom of God. Faith affirmations in this New Normal will helps us to prepare our family and generations for new faith practices grounded in the real spirit of the word of God. Healing of relationships within the community and communities is the demand of all faith events.

Month of October and November we have special Sundays. Edavaka Mission Sunday on October 4, Youth Sunday on October 11, Yuvajana Sakhyam Sunday on October 18, Family Sunday on October 25, Sunday School Sunday on November 1 and Parish Day on November 8.

May God help you all to participate in these forthcoming worship services

Earnest Prayers
Shiby Achen