Asst Vicar’s Message

Asst Vicar’s Message

Rev. George Varghese

Dearly beloved in Christ,

A young man ran after Socrates, calling, “Socrates, Socrates, can I be your disciple?” Socrates ignored him and walked out into the river. The man followed him and repeated the question. Socrates turned to him and without a word he grabbed the young man and immersed him under the water and held him down until he knew that he couldn’t take it any longer. The man came up gasping for air. Then Socrates replied, “When you desire the truth as much as you seek air, you can be my disciple.” We claim that we are the disciples of Jesus Christ and we are the children of God. But do we have the true desire to seek after God? To seek after God means to go after God with an intense desire.

Leonardo da Vinci was 43 years old when the Duke of Milan asked him to paint the Last Supper. He worked on it slowly and with meticulous care to detail. He spent much time making the cup that Jesus held as beautiful as possible. After three years he was ready to show it, and he called for a friend to come and see it. He said, “Look at it and give me your opinion.” The friend said, “It is wonderful. The cup is so real I cannot take my eyes off of it!” Immediately Leonardo took a brush and drew it across the sparkling cup. He exclaimed as he did so: “Nothing shall detract from the figure of Christ!” Christ must be the primary focus in a Christian’s life.

Let Jesus be the primary focus of our life, our restlessness and emptiness, our meaninglessness and hopelessness shall disappear like the morning mist. Let Jesus – the Morning Star rise in our hearts, the darkness of life will disappear; let Jesus – the Rose of Sharon, come into our life, the dullness in life will vanish, and it will be filled with the fragrance of joy; let Jesus – the Lion of Judah, come into our life, we shall be strengthened and rejuvenated in life. May God bless you.

In His Service,
Binu Achen.